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Quick HidsApp Tutorial

HIDS is an e-commerce platform based on two applications: HidsApp stores for creating independent online stores, and Hids marketplaces for integrating these stores into a global retail portal.

The fastest way to set up your store and add your products or services is by following these 7 steps:

  • Select a subdomain for your store (example: mystore.hids.me)
  • Add your premises or stores
  • Add your categories or product groups
  • Add your products or services
  • Customize your store (colors, logo, social networks, payment methods, etc.)
  • Activate your store
  • Subscribe to a premium plan (optional)

We will quickly take a look at each of them below.

Select a subdomain

Your store will work on a HIDS web address or URL whose subdomain or prefix you can choose to your liking. To do this, go to the Domain section of the HIDS side menu. There you will find the box to write your desired subdomain name. It is important to clarify that, like all web addresses, it can contain letters, numbers or hyphens (- or _), but not spaces, punctuations or special characters (ñ, ç, not accents or accents). For example: mybusiness, my-store, my_warehouse. Once you write your domain, you can check if it is available with the Check availability button and after verifying, purchase it with the Get subdomain button, and it will be associated with your store.

In this section you can also see the access links to your store and you can download your QR.

For more details on this section, see Subdomain Configuration.

Add stores

Note: if you have several locations, we recommend that you purchase a premium plan or subscription beforehand, since in the free plan you will not be able to configure more than 1 location.

Adding locations is done in the Locations section of the HIDS side menu. In this section press the Add location button, which will open a modal or window for inserting the required data:

  1. Name or location of the place (usually the neighborhood), so that customers and you can quickly recognize it.
  2. Geographic data in the respective boxes, region, city and address.
  3. Contact details of your premises, landline or mobile phone, WhatsApp number where you want the orders to arrive, email for notifications and WhatsApp number of the delivery company or addresses.
  4. Geolocation data (latitude and longitude) of your premises and the coverage area in km around this premises. You can get the coordinates from Google Maps or by tapping the Get by GPS button from your cell phone.
  5. Hourly availability of the premises, activating the check of the respective day and indicating the opening and closing time.

Finally, mark your location as Active in the corresponding check and click on the Save button.

If, due to the nature of your business, you do not have a physical location, local or headquarters, in any case set up a local with name and generic data such as Service Center or Virtual Office, since for the proper functioning of the store it is required at least one location.

For further details on this section, see Location Settings.

Category Settings

Before adding your products you must create your categories. You will find the Groups section in the side menu of HIDS. Click on the Add category button and a window or modal will open where you can enter the required data:

  1. Name of the category or group of products.
  2. Type of category (featured, promotional, normal or additional).
  3. Group discount: if you want to add a discount to all products in the group.
  4. Product order: You can organize the products in the group based on their price in ascending or descending order, by their age or by alphabetical order.
  5. Notes: In case you want to add a description that will appear in the group header.

Once you save the category, it will appear in the products section to allow you to add items to it.

For more details on this section, see Category Settings.

Addition of products

It is not recommended to add products until after having configured the premises.

To add a new product go to the Products section of the side menu of the application. Then click on the Add product or Add here buttons (to insert directly into a category), which will display a window with several tabs for the indication of all the product information. The data strictly necessary for the creation of a product are:

  1. Product name
  2. Short product description
  3. Product class and category
  4. Final price (including taxes)
  5. Availability by venues (in the Venues tab)

It is advisable not to forget in the Details tab the upload of the product image and that the Active check is marked.

Additionally, you can specify for each product:

  • Varieties: Variations of a product with no change in price, such as different colors, patterns, or flavors.
  • Formats: variants of a product with differences in price, such as different sizes, sizes or capacities.
  • Additions: extras, additions or accessories that can be added to a product.

For more details on this section, see Adding Products.

Customize the store

You can customize the aspects related to the brand, logos, colors, social networks, SEO, payment methods and other functionalities of the store in the Customize section of the HIDS side menu.

The most important parameters to configure are:

  • Page title (will appear in the browser tab title).
  • Business logo: it is recommended in png format with a transparent background.
  • Animation: You can choose an animation for the appearance of your logo.
  • Colors – Use the selectors to choose the appropriate color for each cover item and product listing, or use RGB, HEX, or HSL references if you know them.
  • Menu Text: The text of the main button.
  • Description: short description of your business that will be used by online search engines such as Google.

If you have a logo but do not know the exact color reference, once you have uploaded your logo use the Dominant button, which will extract the color references contained in the logo so that you can use it to personalize the page.

In this section, in the Payment methods tab, you can also choose the means you want to get active for your customers.

For more details on this section and metaverse configuration, see Store Customization.

Store activation

Having configured all the previous steps, you only need to activate your store so that it begins to receive visits once you share the link on your social networks or marketing media. To do this, go to the Domains section of the side menu and click on the Activate site button. This action will enable the store to start its sales.


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