Subdomain settings

The store will work on a HIDS web address or URL ( whose subdomain or prefix you can choose as you like. To do this, go to the Domain section located in the Configuration area of ​​the HIDS menu and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the subdomain box and type your business name using letters, numbers, or hyphens (- or _), without spaces, punctuation, or special characters (ñ, ç, no accents). For example: mybusiness, my-store, my_warehouse. It is recommended where possible to use the same name used on Instagram or a shorter one according to convenience.
  2. Once you insert the subdomain of your choice, you must verify that it is not in use by another company with a similar name. To do this, click on the Check availability button, the system will respond according to the availability of the name.
  3. If the name is available, the Get subdomain button will be activated, which you can use to acquire your subdomain, leaving it assigned to your store.

Once you have purchased the subdomain, you will be able to configure the rest of your store, and once activated, you will access it through the link just at the bottom of that section.

QR printing

If you wish, you can provide users with access to your online store by printing a QR code that you can print and place in different areas of your business or on your social networks.

For this, it is only necessary to click on the Generate QR button in this section and in a few seconds you will obtain a simple QR that you can copy or download by right clicking on the image and selecting Copy image or Save image as.

Options will also be available for the aesthetic customization of the QR and for configuring the type of access to the store through parameters in the URL.

Change of subdomain

It is possible to change the chosen subdomain at any time, although you must take into account that after the process your store will be deactivated, so you must reactivate it. To change the domain, you must follow the same steps indicated in the configuration section, that is, write your new subdomain, check its availability and obtain the domain with the corresponding buttons.

This section has a quick step-by-step support tour and a video tutorial for quick reference.

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