Store customization

In this section you can configure and customize the aspects related to the brand, logos, colors, social networks, SEO, payment methods and other functionalities of the store. Maintaining the brand identity or branding, and knowing how to capture it in the graphic interface of HIDS stores, is important for a good user experience.

The customization of the store is carried out in the Customize section of the Settings area of ​​the HidsApp side menu. Once in the section you will find 4 tabs:

  • Homepage
  • List of products
  • Client data
  • Payment method

Home tab

In this tab you can customize the front page of your store in terms of logos, buttons and icons, in addition to the basic elements of SEO of the page. The configurable parameters are:

  • Title: write here the text or title that will appear in the browser tab, avoid using full capital letters.
  • Logo: select your business logo file. A medium image in png format with transparency or alpha channel is recommended, so that it does not interfere with the logo, although if you do not have this format, you can use a jpg image.
  • Animation: You can add an animation to your logo by selecting the animation style from this list.
  • Social networks: enter the URL of your social networks Instagram and Facebook.
  • Colors:You can set the color of each cover element using the color pickers. You will be able to set the background color, titles, text, icons, buttons and borders either by manual selection or by RGB, HEX or HSL references.
  • Menu text: the text you want to appear on the main button to access the list of products.
  • Description: description of your business that will appear in the HEAD header of the page and will be consulted by the search pages.
  • Featured: Allows you to enable or disable the display of featured images and products.

The modifications that you make to these parameters in texts and colors can be seen reflected directly in the representation of the cover that is located on the left of the screen.

Color picker

If you have difficulty selecting colors or do not have a brand manual with exact references to your colors, you can use the color detection button called Dominant colors located below the example box on the cover. You must first have loaded your respective logo, and once loaded, this button will start color detection from your logo, showing you a list of colors with the most important HEX and RGB references found in your logo. You can copy these references and copy them into the respective color pickers.

Featured Products

You can activate or deactivate the presentation of images and featured products on the page cover, an option that can add more content and improve the aesthetics of your page. The group that will be used as the source of the images and products will be the first category that you have established or organized in the respective section, for this reason it is advisable to leave the highlighted categories in the first places.

  • Show Featured Images: The first two products in your inventory will be selected and their images will be featured side by side with the main logo. This function only appears on the desktop version of the page (not on mobile) and it is recommended to activate it only when the background of your page is white or the same color as the images, since the background of the images will overlap the background color and could affect the aesthetics if they are different.
  • Show Featured Products: You can display a special section that displays images of the top products in your inventory, with their names and prices. If you select this option you can set how many products you want to be displayed in the section in the Maximum products to display box.

Menu Tab

In this tab you can customize the menu or list of products of the store, being able to specify the colors, and optionally, a presentation video. The editable parameters are:

  • Colors: You can set the color of each product list item using the color pickers. You will be able to set the background color, titles, text, icons, buttons and borders either by manual selection or by RGB, HEX or HSL references.
  • Video: If you have a video of your business that you want to set as a slider at the top of your menu or product list, you can copy its full link into this box. Remember that only videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo platforms are accepted.

Options tab


Payment methods tab

You can select here which payment methods you want to make available to customers:

  • Cash
  • Card
  • Transfer
  • Purchase order
  • Agreement
  • Pick up

This section has some configuration parameters related to the customer experience.

Data for pre-order

If you wish to make any clarification or provide important information to your customers before they proceed with the order, you can take advantage of the corresponding Data for pre-order boxes for people or companies, to write a message that will appear on the data collection form of the customer and that can be essential to avoid errors in orders.

This section has a quick step-by-step support tour and a video tutorial for quick reference.

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