Employees handling

If you have a premium plan and want to give employees access to order management and stock management without them being able to access sensitive configuration areas, you can take advantage of this section to create access accounts for your employees.

To create these accounts go to the Employees section of the Settings area of ​​the side menu of the application. There you will find the Add user button, which will display a modal or window where you can specify the employee's data:

  • Name: is the full name of your employee, for example: John Smith.
  • User: it is the short name that you will use to access the platform, for example: jsmith.
  • Password: here specify the password that the employee will use for access. Passwords cannot be managed by users, so only the administrator can check and change these passwords in this section.
  • Locations with access: here you can select in which locations the employee can manage orders and product status. If you have multiple locations, you probably assign an employee to each location.

Employee access is given by the Employees link located at the top right of the HidsApp home page.

This section has a quick step-by-step support tour and a video tutorial for quick reference.

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