HIDS is an e-commerce platform based on two applications:

  • HidsApp stores: ecommerce solution where you can create independent stores or online menus for any business or restaurant, whether they are products or services.
  • Hids marketplaces: application that aggregates independent stores in a single retail portal, with integrated search system, advertising functions and payment gateway.


HidsApp seeks to facilitate the process of creating online stores for most small and medium-sized businesses that do not require complex solutions for the promotion and sale of their products or services online. The conventional model of contracting web pages that require days to configure and start up is replaced by a quick configuration system that can be customized in a few minutes or hours, making the most of order management by WhatsApp, without collection of sales commissions.

The current documentation seeks to extensively cover the functionalities of the HidsApp service, including all issues related to the creation of online stores, their configuration and customization, the order management system and communication with delivery services.


The process of creating stores in HidsApp consists of 6 to 7 simple steps that can be consulted in the same interface of the application by touching the Instructions button or by going directly to the Help section of the side menu.

This is the summary of the 7 steps:

  1. Get a subdomain for the store (example:
  2. Add your locations or stores
  3. Add your categories or product groups
  4. Add your products or services
  5. Customize your store (colors, logo, social networks, payment methods, etc.)
  6. Activate your store
  7. Subscribe to a Premium plan (optional)

The speed with which these steps can be implemented depends largely on whether the client already has the required information, which is why we have an article that lists the essential data required for a successful store setup.

In the next section we will take a quick look at each of them.

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